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Honorable past. Bright future.

Our Mission provide restorative recreational activities for veterans
and families challenged by the effects of war.

Our Philosophy

We believe that outdoor activities provide physical and spiritual healing.
We believe that loneliness is the core challenge faced by many veterans today.
We believe that relationships of trust take time and should start now.
We believe that America’s veterans deserve to live long and happy lives in peace.

Learn more about Blue Diamond's Mission from Executive Director Bill Arnold

Blue Diamond Director Bill Arnold was recently featured on the FORTitude FW video podcast. Watch to learn more about Bill's experience in Iraq, his pride in being the 5th generation of his family to serve, teaching career and his mission to help veterans and their families hear.


What Blue Diamond Veterans Say

“...the experience was truly amazing, sitting around the campfire with another veteran reminiscing and sharing past experiences is something you don’t realize you need to do until you’re doing it, and your whole person feels better. Blue Diamond Recreation is a top-notch organization that helps veterans in a way that I think most people could never understand.”

- Ben B

Ready to support Blue Diamond?

Your donation will directly fund our work to help provide resources to those who have served our country. By contributing to our mission, you can help make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Learn More

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